Hal Tezcan became an entrepreneur in 1976, as he started gold-plating bicentennial coins to form keychains. While that effort was short lived, he maintained the entrepreneurial drive throughout his long career.

He launched his next business venture in 1988, when he began leasing electronic surveying triangulation equipment, used to measure aircraft parts and communication antennas.

He began a third venture, in 1993, after he and his partners raised capital to start a telecom business. They manufactured satellite communication equipment, and sold microwave and satcom antennas in 50 countries. He successfully exited that business in 2001.

During his time in various entrepreneurial ventures, Hal developed the ability to spot a technological need and fill it. He learned how to build, scale, and exit a successful business. Since exiting his third venture, he has devoted his time to helping other startups locally, nationally, and internationally succeed.

Hal considers himself a business generalist, (They often call him “Business Sherpa”) focused on identifying startups’ needs and matching them with the necessary resources to thrive.

Hal has completed a variety of projects and served as a consultant for companies in telecommunications, technology and other industries since the 1980s. He was instrumental in the development of new products as a New Product Development Manager for Andrew Corporation and saved the company $50M in product modularization and consolidation process.  For a complete list of the companies Hal has worked with, and project highlights, visit haltezcan.com.

Below is a List of Startups that Hal has Advised. Many were through his work at Startup Port.

Retropole, SupplyClinic, Predictive, Prefense, OFNI app, ULAKapp, Safe-In-The-City, PowerKiosk, Energy -IQ, FitnessCubed, Medical Ingenuities, Ingenious, NanogasTechnologies, WapLog, Selfie, CrowdFind, CloudPrintry, Freenters, CampusStarter, ZMarkit, Chicago Black Inventors Association, Axon Data Centers, Torque Parts, IPTV, ITTV, SMI, Spotmyphotos, Suggesthat, LRB Global, WSI Management, Anka Coop, Cupela, KidsRide, Givenly, SmartMediCase, FoodJunky, Nutricio, Elektronet, ToolFloor, RWS Water treatment, Invent2026, Technolera, DablrApp, and many others.

Hal has built a network of business experts that share the same passion he does. He and his network offer a variety of services designed to better position his clients for their intended market.