Startup Port is not an “Incubator” or “Accelerator”. It is a “Hybrid” startup support platform that offers its The Sprint 90 Program, a full suite of venture development solutions, to seed stage (pre-revenue to $1.5 million in gross sales) technology operators whom are looking to build companies that yield sustained traction.

Startup Port was formalized in 2016 by its Managing Director, Hulusi “Hal” Tezcan, and his Cofounders after the group had conducted several operating advisory projects together. The founding team brings together deep expertise in investment finance and decades of experience in new product research & development to solve for the central business challenge to every business, risk. Their risk mitigation and management efforts have helped a number of companies to tactically address strategic risks of critical importance with executive actions that preserve ALL invested forms of capital (time, trust, intellectual and financial).

Startup Port values time above all forms of capital and employs an approach that combines an intensive pace with exacting structure, The Sprint 90 Program. The Managers’ style deliberately intends to reveal whether or not the allocation or deployment of capital, in whatever form, can be optimized for efficiency and maximized yield.

Each project opportunity is evaluated via Startup Port’s 6 P’s of Purpose before undergoing The Sprint 90 Program: the 90 MINUTE “Stress Test”, 90 HOUR Roadmap “Sprint” and 90 DAY Execution “Sprint”. The methodologies are designed to reveal and deliberately reduce the strategic risks of varied business and investment opportunities. Startup Port works closely with executive management teams, both operators and financiers, to develop lean operation roadmaps that are used to remedy identified deficiencies in a business’ product, process, people, propositions, pricing and protections. With the help of over 50 subject matter experts, or “SMEs”, Startup Port collaborates with all project stakeholders to support executive actions that help to secure key investor assurances that are necessary to obtaining quality follow-on equity capital.

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