Our Philosophy is to help you improve the odds of success for your startup!

We provide a finely tuned business support process that accelerates the successful development of startups by providing entrepreneurs with an array of carefully targeted resources and services. These services have been specifically developed by our management Team and through our vast network of expert contacts and collaborators.

Why we do what we do and why we love to work with startup entrepreneurs!

  • We are a collaborative Team dedicated and focused on helping entrepreneurs build their startups.
  • We are very passionate about what we do and what we want to do!
  • We love working with like-minded and passionate entrepreneurs who have great idea, product and design instincts—those who want to create something of value, help solve a problem (which others tend not to see…) but know that in order to do so, they need not only backing but a good network of collaborators to help their idea take off and create revenue!
  • We are technology agnostic in our selection process; we want to help all entrepreneurs with ideas, products and business opportunities which have a great value proposition; let it be an app or a brick and mortar traditional business model! We are looking for early stage opportunity ideas that address logical and capital-efficient markets with easy to understand & deploy business models, ideas with strong initial traction and clear market fit.

The proven traction we bring to the equation is the fact that having run our own businesses, we want to share as much of our operational knowledge with entrepreneurs as possible. Knowing how to successfully operate businesses and having been in the trenches of the daily business grind we pride ourselves on being able to ask the right questions, to inspire action, while offering practical, cost effective and true-and-tried solutions! We provide fast and logical decision making process.

Our collaborative network is made of resourceful experts and business people with domestic and international contacts and networks, with deep and proven expertise in driving growth and building enterprises.