Both startups and investors enjoy many valuable benefits from participating in our unique startup ecosystem network:

WE HAVE A LARGE NETWORK: Access to a large high reputation and experience network of from the trenches matter experts, of like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, educators and academic leaders, elected and appointed city and government officials, scientists, engineers, coaches, thought-leaders, VCs and angel investors who are focused on helping the new startup economy.

WE HAVE HIGH QUALITY DEAL FLOW: Startup Port pre-screens all startups according to our rigorous Sprint 90 standards. Four to five of the best early-stage startups are selected from a large group every quarter to participate in the full Sprint 90 Program. At the end of this process the most promising startups are trained to be presented to our select group of investors. Since we are part of the startup team of matter experts and have “skin in the game” and based on our experience and reputation, investors are more apt to invest in the startups we support.

WE BELIEVE IN SHARED SERVICES: Why go at it alone? And why constantly re-invent the wheel? And why do things in a vacuum? Three disastrous road blocks for startups which Startup Port has solved! We provide a solid and reputable list of shared, collective and collaborative services from legal to account, to branding, to product development to sales empowerment that not only speeds up the traction of the startups but reduces the costs of such services by 50% to 75%

WE SAVE TIME:  Time is your most valuable capital! Startup Port believes there is no “Ctrl-Alt-Del” for your time, this is our fundamental philosophy. Thus, we push startup founders to speed up their process to success by implanting the Sprint 90 Program. We are not an incubator which is a “rental business model”, we are not an accelerator which is a “financial brokerage business model”. We are supporting startups with our intellectual capital via our matter expert and provide an efficient, smart and expedited way of getting traction in the shortest amount of time. Generally 90 days, thus the name of our proprietary Sprint 90 Program. Collective support increases effectiveness and reduces the cost and time over going it solo.

WE ADDRESS RISK: In business, risk NEVER goes away! No matter how you slice it, the lack of attention paid to “risk mitigation” and “risk management” by executive operators is the root cause of the startup problems that lead to failure. With our proprietary due diligence process ,Startup Port helps founders and their teams better understand, articulate and convey the interrelated business risks (operational and financial) associated with sustainably acquiring consumers, customers, partners and investors.

WE HAVE A PROCESS: Startup Port actively addresses all the above facets through the delivery of its Sprint 90 Program: 90 MINUTES “Stress Test”, 90 HOUR Roadmap “Sprint” and 90 DAY Execution “Sprint”. The methodology emphasizes operational risk mitigation, financial risk management, subject matter support and technology development. The deployment of intellectual capital first, is elemental to managerial execution on proven business tactics that yield sustained traction.
The Startup Port Process immediately assesses a client operation’s existing strategic risks ahead of working alongside management teams and subject matter experts to develop a lean operation roadmap that defines the business’ product to market fit, revenue generation processes and methods for optimizing the talents of the client firm’s people.
Startup Port’s Sprint 90© Program is the Solution to Startup Failures