Friends, colleagues and fellow investors,

I am reaching out to you about Attic Brewing Co., the first craft brewery in historic Germantown, Philadelphia. This micro-brewery start-up is changing the game by focusing on taproom sales, which means maximizing profits and tapping into one of the fastest growing markets for craft beer.

I have known the founder Laura since she was a toddler. We lived in the same neighborhood, on the same street. Since the very early days she had a passion to succeed and was a quick learner. I admire her new passion for creating Attic Brewing Co. This is perfect example of “do what you love and excel in what you do best!” She is smart as hell (and I mean that) when it comes to running a company, and uses her knowledge and experience to be the engine behind Attic Brewing Co. From a sales and marketing stand point she is a rock star having spent 11 years growing one of the largest clothing retailers in the U.S.!

What makes this startup (and any investment in it) even better is that Laura not only knows the nitty-gritty stuff of running a business (which unfortunately many startup founders lack…) but she is also a brew master! So, she really knows her stuff and the business insights! In fact one of their most popular beers, the brilliant Bloodhound Brown Ale, was her creation.

So don’t waste time, click this link to learn more about a brewery that’s making brewing history in the City of Brotherly Love! And, somewhere in your conversation with them, tell them Hal sent you!

All the best,
Hal Tezcan, Co-Founder Startup Port

Full disclosure: I may be investing in this startup based on my due diligence (99% I will do) so I need to disclose this as a good investors. Also, please refer to this website’s Legal Disclosures.

And of course a few words from Laura and the Team:

Attic Brewing Co. is coming to Germantown, Philadelphia!
We are opening the first craft brewery in this historic neighborhood in over 100 years! Philly was once home to over 700 breweries and we’re taking it old-school with our taproom model. By selling beer direct to customers we’ll be maximizing profits, building a loyal customer base, and staying on the forefront of the ever changing craft-beer industry. We’ll be using our combined 10 years of brewing experience to hand-craft a variety of styles and serve them in our uniquely decorated 3,000 sqft taproom.
The most exciting part is we’ve partnered with WeFunder to launch Philadelphia’s 1st Equity Crowdfunded Brewery! This awesome platform allows anyone to invest as little as $100 and help build Attic Brewing Co. By making our customers our investors we’ll have direct access to what our customers want and they’ll get to reap the rewards of a successful business, along with some pretty cool investor perks.

Click the link to be a part of building Attic Brewing Co. or visit our website to learn more!

Thanks and Cheers!
Laura & Todd Lacy
Owners, Attic Brewing Co

Bloodhound Brown Label