How we all became experts on everything. (And master of none!)


(Condensed from an article by Rex Huppke of the Chicago Tribune)
This is the trap of the information age. We have so much knowledge at our fingertips that we think a few finger taps on the mouse turn us into resident experts on anything.


It seems there was a time when we humans were better at staying in our lanes. If you had a legal problem, you trusted an attorney to know the law better than you. If you had a scientific question, you assumed that scientists were the experts in that area. And if you were an electrician, you didn’t expect an accountant to start lecturing you about the proper way to wire a breaker panel based on half of a YouTube video he watched.


Easy access to everything from how-to videos to Wikipedia to news sites tailored to what we want to believe — no matter how kooky or conspiratorial it might be — has turned everyone into an expert. At everything. And that’s a recipe for disaster and division, two things America has in ample supply.


Credit: Article by Rex Huppke of the Chicago Tribune. Link to the article.