Our goal is to facilitate Discovery, Innovation​,​ Commercialization​ and Funding of new ideas through Collaboration and Creativity.

But in addition to the nuts and bolts of creating a sustainable startup foundation we also provide instruction and coaching in emotional & leadership intelligence, collaboration techniques, networking, strategic thinking and the culture of high-growth marketing and sales.

At the end of the day the single most important performance and success matrix of a startup (or any enterprise for that matter) is how many customers, clients, adapters, etc… are using your solution!



We have been trusted advisers and “go to” experts for over two decades to numerous start-ups, small and medium sized businesses. Our team essentially serves an in-house advisory role to our business clients, which include start-ups as well as established businesses.  This advisory relationship spans from initial business set-up through all phases and stages of business structuring. Our unique “hands-on” experience and business acumen have served as an invaluable asset to our clients for over two decades.



We leverage our knowledge and skills to provide strategic planning necessary to properly guide start-up businesses from the early stages. We call this “the roadmap to success”. We have organized numerous business entities, including limited liability companies, profit and non-profit corporations (501 c 3 entities), limited partnerships and most other organized entities in Illinois and other states. Our team of legal advisors draft and help individual owners negotiate organizational documents, including operating agreements, bylaws, partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements and other legal papers needed for a successful business start-up. We understand that each business entity formation requires sound structural planning from the beginning.  Each business activity and the ownership structure are evaluated in conjunction with a variety of other concerns, such as tax considerations and capitalization requirements, to carefully select the best structured entity.

We are mindful of operating costs, especially for start-ups and small businesses. For this reason we offer a variety of flat rate fee consulting packages for almost every type of business organization.