Is anyone considering the socio-economic impact of AI and automation?

And will the US Government and States force Self Driving Truck companies pay to a national fund to re-train, re-locate and support truck drivers displaced by AI and automation?

Who will take care of the millions of drivers and related service providers loss? (According to a recent study, if the majority of trucks would be self-driving, the impact on the trucking/logistics industry in whole would be the displacement of over 7 million people in America! Add the families impacted by this an you have about 11 million people! Not a bright picture for the sake of automation.)

Before jumping the bandwagon of automation and AI you better think about the consequences of how this will impact you.

Who is minding these and other impactful questions about the future?

According to the American Trucking Association there are approximately 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the United States but the total number of people employed in the industry, including those in positions that do not entail driving, exceeds 8.7 million. Trucking industry is $740 B/yr business and in many of these operations, labor is a third of that cost.

Trucking is just one of the industries whose labor force could be slashed by AI technology. It is claimed that 50% of jobs will be somewhat or extremely threatened by AI in the next decades.