The majority of startup (for that matter also established companies) do not really know the true meaning of “brand”. Besides not knowing their brand, businesses are also faced with a rapidly changing and shifting customer expectations and behaviors. Nowadays brands -because of the digital a and social media empowerment- have to hand over a certain amount of agency to consumers. Rather than the push of establishing symbolism and telling stories to consumers, brands have had to invite and pull consumers in to help craft their meaning. In short, brands began evolving from stories to systems. Some of the startups I help most likely remember my philosophy about getting things done related to the “pull” not “push” process.

Startup Port has several programs specially designed to help increase traction and better understand the mechanics of sales, branding, brand awareness cycle, ideal customer selection, interactions between long-term brand building and short-term sales goals.and value proposition in consumers long-term relationships, medium-term objectives and short-term actions.

Consumer behaviors change and shift quickly and as customers demand more from brands, brands must strive to be strategic and clear about what they stand for, at the same time startups and companies must be adaptive in how to relay the right message to the ultimate/ideal customer.

As we always say: “a confused mind never buys!”

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