There is so much BS and false/fake information about the GOP tax plan that I felt compelled to get this link and post it.

Couple of things of importance:

If anyone says that this tax reform does not help the middle class, we are fools and really don’t understand taxation!

If anyone says the it is not going to help business, well we are also fools and don’t understand business principles!

Read the charts and understand the process yourselves instead of listening to so called “experts” (also known as “spurts”, look it up please, hint: has to do with sudden gush of hot something…) who are bent on changing facts. (And if anyone says that it’s going to increase the deficit in a decade or two, well we are fools to believe in future approximation and valuations, they are just guesses…It could very well go the other way.

Also, I used the term “we” not to upset anyone in this turbulent and divisive times.) Stay well and count the money left in your pockets after this tax reform.

Everything you need to know about the GOP’s final tax plan in 3 charts.

Here is the link to the PBS News Hours straight forward explanation of the new tax reform impact on American families and businesses:

But here are some charts that would help better understand how the reforms impact Middle Class America and Businesses: