My few cents’ worth (garnered in the last three plus decades) add-ons to Aly Juma’s “What Are Your Principles?” article:

– Be Who I Am,

– Be kind, be humble, and be honest,

– Master Many Skills,

– Invest In Yourself,

– When everyone goes left, go right (don’t blindly follow the flock…),

– Always Be Curious (the trait of a true Generalist…),

– Think Long Term, Invest Right Now (There is no Ctrl-Alt-Del for your time!),

– Collaborated and Remember Life Is A Shared Experience (No one does it alone..),

– And, the most important of all; Prioritize family (always comes first) and friends.

Lessons for the New Year.


Thank you for sharing the original article Aly.

Aly Juma’s original article:


Hal Tezcan