Sometimes startups can con people and investors with some foo-foo dust.

This mystical dust when properly sprinkled and applied over vague things (ideas and promises of a lot of cash) makes it happen magically.

For the ones who don’t know what foo-foo dust is: Foo foo dust is a reference to a (non-existent) power or mysterious mystical ingredient or hidden effort that creates desirable results. Results achieved, as if by magic, perhaps by slight-of-hand. (Urban Dictionary and others)

Now a great example of the application of foo-foo dust in the startup ecosystem is (there are a lot but this one tops it off) the latest news about this AI startup that claims to automate App Making but actually just uses humans.

Before you read the article from Verge, here is a take away: ” But the mystification of AI, and the ability to dupe both the public and even investors into believing a technology is more sophisticated than it really is, has since extended outward to entire companies and sectors. ”

Foo Foo Dust and AI is the perfect mix!

Here is the article: This AI startup claims to automate app making but actually just uses humans