Hal Tezcan, Founding Partner / Managing Director, Startup Port  2008 – Aug 2020

332 S Michigan Ave. suite 1100, Chicago, Illinois 60604

About Startup Port: We teach startup founders and entrepreneurs the key attributes and solutions to succeed. The majority of startups fail! This high failure rate is the result of wrong guidance, untrained founders, wrong mentorship and incubation and startups not getting the right business support! Based on years of experience in the trenches and having done it ourselves many times for decades our Team provides the right solutions and guidance to develop new ideas through simple tried out real solutions into successes in a short period of time.

About what I do at Startup Port: I am passionate about what I do and love working with Startups! Our Philosophy is to help founders and entrepreneurs improve their odds of success, and minimizing the risks of failure, that simple. I provide a finely tuned business support process that accelerates the successful development of startups. I am very blessed to be surrounded by extremely smart, devoted, passionate, hard working, knowledgeable, practical, savvy and trusted team of friends, supporters and partners. The solutions and services we provide have been specifically developed by our management and partner “subject matter expert” Team and through our vast network of expert contacts and collaborators.