It is said that success comes 20 percent from knowledge and 80 percent from behavior. The individual’s persona defines what type of leader they will be. Leadership means being responsible for one’s impact on others.

I was blessed to have been surrounded by great people. In my social life, in school, in corporate life, in business and now in my passion with helping startups.

I have learned very early on that everyone does not need to be an expert on everything, but need to have a practical grasp, a fundamental knowledge, and experiential (practical) understanding of things they are involved with, especially in technology!

This knowledge allows you to better connect across with the various disciplines and talent that is required for running a successful enterprise. Creates a better platform for collaboration and gives you an insight to better understand processes needed to get your business going. Going back to the earlier statement about technology, as an example you do not have to be a coder to train the AI platforms, but you must understand how the overall relationships works so that you can easily connect the dots and provide guidance to your team.

Don’t try to become an expert at everything, be an expert of you and how to channel your knowledge and passion in bringing the best out of the talent surrounding you.

In this new age, as an “innovative leader” you need to grasp the entire situation and must go beyond the usual course of action to solve problems. You need to see what is not working and brings new thinking and action into play. You need to create a work climate for team members to apply innovative thinking to solve problems, develop new products and services. Provide a collaboration environment so risk taking is increased for all involved in the process. Failures should not impede progress. Create an environment where team members achieve job satisfaction and enjoyment. Provide an atmosphere of respect for others’ ideas and views.

CEED Future Of Business Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 09-28-2017.