There are two pains that are killing our ability to focus and changing is in our hands!

The first is the smartphone which provides you all around connectivity. We always see many around us texting or reading messages -or playing games-, even in meetings or even while we are having a conversation with them. One wonders how things got done before the introduction of cellphones in our lives?

And the second one (my favorite) are meetings. In this day and age it seems like meetings as are a practical alternative to work (I have a wall plaque with this inscription at the office.) Whenever we try to see a colleague the first thing they do is to check their calendar to make sure they don’t have any “conflicting” meetings… How do people find time to get things done after so many meetings?

Here is a great article from HBR on how to fix this problem, take back your focus in control, accomplish more and become more effective in what you do.

Turn off your smartphone when you are talking to people will you? And from now on meetings are going to be standing up and for not more than half an hour.

Have a great and relaxing weekend, and a very productive short week ahead.


Hal Tezcan

Founder, Startup-Port