Here is a LinkedIn post from one of our Startup Port interns. Gilberto Colin, one of the “best” interns we had at Startup Port. Hardworking, going above and beyond what was required from him, independent achiever and one of the best ‘learner’ we worked with. His financial subject matter research and support has been of great value in many of our projects. We are saddened to see Gilberto go, but at the same token this is what we are all about. We want to help the next generation of “doers” and “makers” excel and be above the crowd and become leaders. We wish Gilberto the best in his future endeavors.

Here is the link to his post and a copy of his write up below.

Last fall, I took an entrepreneurship course at DePaul University. In those classes it was stressed that, in order to succeed in business, it is very important to build strong networks and work with skilled collaborators.

What stuck with me most was the fact that I had to fight my own personal biases in order to gain new insights and perspectives from teammates who helped me solve problems more efficiently.

I saw, during my finance internship with Startup Port, how keeping an open mind and working well with others delivers value. The Founders showed me, first hand, what it means to not only have built a strong network and be willing to collaborate with others, but also to have the stones to put all of that good stuff into practice.

Even though I graduate this June, I’ve promised the Startup Port team that I will never stop learning. That’s why I’m excited about their partnership with a growing community of entrepreneurs and business people who practice collaboration and share perspective.

Gilberto Colin