It’s hard to run a company well if you don’t have clear goals.

John Doerr’s new book, “Measure What Matters,” is a guidebook to using a leadership strategy called Objectives and Key Results — or, in other words, communicating what you want to achieve and measuring how well you achieve it. In society at large, he said, “our leaders and some of our great institutions are failing us,” in many cases because they have picked the wrong objectives; more specifically in tech, OKRs fail when CEOs build their businesses to be cults of personality.

“It’s hard a run a company well if you don’t have clear goals, measure your progress against them, share them among your team members and get the team aligned and working on them,” Doerr said when asked about management struggles at Facebook and Uber. “That’s potentially the power of this system. But if you’re in a founder-worshipping culture where you have a narcissistic CEO who’s never run anything before and is out of his depth, disaster will unfold.

“There’s nothing special about the latitude and longitude of Silicon Valley that says leaders there are going to be effective, if they’re not clear and using goals to empower their team,” he added.

One small take away:
Andy Grove, one of the greatest managers of his era and legendary CEO of Intel said: “it almost doesn’t matter what you don’t know or know, it’s execution that is everything!” and he was the founder of management by objectives. All based on proper execution!

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And, don’t forget it’s: ALL IN THE EXECUTION!