A Legend is gone

Lee Iacocca (94), US auto legend, visionary icon and ultimate businessman has passed away.

He helped create the legendary Ford Mustang, involved in the Continental, Mercury and many other lines and foresaw the need for compact cars such as the Escort and Pinto while at Ford. He was instrumental in the successful Minivan designs (Voyager and Caravan), the compact K-Car series, the sub-compact Omni and Horizon (to compete with VW) and behind the Jeep (Cherokee, one of the biggest seller in Chrysler history) products which launched the SUV craze.

Besides his business genius he wrote a great book called “Where have all the leaders gone?”, a NYTimes best seller in which he offered a no-nonsense, straight-up assessments of the American politicians and the lack of leadership in vital national concerns such as health care, open markets and energy policy. He knew back then (2007) the pressing issues America was facing and his disgust in the politicians who wanted to “stay the course”.

Lee Iacocca, Mustang mastermind and tireless Chrysler savior, dies at 94, July 2, 2019.

May he rest in peace!

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