Who says you need to have a disruptive tech idea to be a successful startup? One of the startups we had the opportunity to meet and mentor at the University of Split in Croatia, last year, came up with a mix of wild mushrooms and coffee to create a truly all-natural “pick-me-up” cup of coffee. We are very happy to see their success in the EU market and now their product is also available in the US.

Here are some picture at the pitch event and mentoring session in Split, with Stipe Rezic the co-founder of Mushroom Cups and other participants, mentors and organizers:







Stipe Rezic is to the far left. With Hal tezcan to the far right.









Their product is now available in the US and we highly recommend you try it out. During our mentoring and pitching event in Split (Croatia) the founders gave us two sample packs, which we tried right away. The instant coffee is made of Peruvian beans and organic, wild Chanterelle & Chaga or Cordyceps mushrooms. The “Go Sharp” coffee is definitely a natural energy booster while tasting great. We suggest you try both.

Check out there story and the product on their website  https://mushroomcups.com/about-us/

Go Fresh Super-food  and Go Sharp Instant Mushroom Coffee are for Energy and Focus. The product is Vegan, Organic, Gluten Free, Sugar Free. And, the packaging is outstanding.

Click here is you want to buy it in the US

Go Fresh Superfood Instant Mushroom Coffee - 10pk of Wild Mediterranean Chanterelle & Chaga ($1.20 per Serving) for Energy and Focus. Vegan, Organic, Gluten Free, Sugar Free.
About the product
  • All of the benefits of the super food mushroom, supports performance
  • Organic, instant Coffee from a farm in Peruvian highlands
  • Boost your energy and lighten up your neural system
  • Tastes like coffee, not like mushrooms.
  • Fully recyclable, biodegradable, reusable packaging

You can now order this great energy packed coffee also in the US.