Rise Of The Contract Workers: Work Is Different Now

NPR/Marist Poll Highlights on “contract workers in America”

20 percent of all American workers are contract workers hired to work on a specific project or for a fixed period of time.
51 percent of contract workers don’t receive benefits from their jobs.
49 percent of contract workers have income that varies from month to month or seasonally.
65 percent of contract workers are male and 62 percent are under 45.
66 percent of part-time workers prefer that kind of schedule.
56 percent of workers received a raise in the past year.
84 percent of workers are not worried that they will lose their job in the next year.
54 percent of workers think it would be difficult to relocate for a better job.

Voices Of America’s Contract Workers: It’s ‘Feast Or Famine’

Freelanced: The Rise Of The Contract Workforce link to the NPR article: https://n.pr/2ERNCed