David-and-Goliath Battle Over taskers!

Watch out TaskRabbit two 19 year old from the Chicago suburbs of Sugar Grove have launched an app to locally outsource consumers’ to-do lists!

It all started while looking for some quick ways to make a little extra cash.

Now the whole thing turned into a great mobile app where anyone who needs a task done can sign up and post a description of their task along with details such as date and time, location, and a wage.

Here is the press release: “Two 19 Year-olds Launch App in Chicago to Outsource Your To-do List”

And, if you have a task you want to be completed while helping your local community grow why don’t you give them a try, it’s free!  DABLR

(The Dablr Team of Jake and Neil are the youngest entrepreneurs Startup Port has worked with. This is an amazing team with a great idea to empower the local community in completing local tasks. They have a great understanding of the true “gig” economy principles -not like the large “corporatized “TaskRabbit” and the sorts, and the fasted learners  we worked with!)