Keeping Tally!

A protégé of mine recently contacted me about his disappointment in his entrepreneurship professor’s poor attempt at team building…a seasonal arts and crafts exercise.

Our phone chat led to an engaged discussion about my thoughts on an article he had come across as it relates to his desire to emulate what my business partners and I do as practicing entrepreneurs.

The Finance & Philosophy major got the following reader’s digest of this article from me:

  • Investors, of varied risk profiles, contribute funds when they believe that a team of executive operators can better manage a business’ risks at a lower cost than they can themselves. So, a good pitch must address how your team is prepared to best mitigate and manage the inherent risks of the presented proposition.
  • Preparation & planning are critical to controlling the pitch conversation and helping investors feel comfortable enough with your team’s grit and entrepreneurial IQ.
  • Practical approaches to solving business problems supersede the theories taught at school. Question everything that’s been taught. You actually might learn something.

He interjects, stating that: “[I’d] rather keep learning from you and your team instead of dealing with this arts and crafts [expletive]…” Apparently, my 3 points about an old pitch article and 10 minutes was all that was needed for an entrepreneur to self-identify.

Startup Port’s approach to risk mitigation / management for executive operators – 1.

Academia – 0.

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Authored by: Archel G. Desir