Questionnaire for inbound Turkish companies planning on selling, expanding or launching in the US:

What are the biggest sales challenges you face?
Where is your biggest area for improvement on the sales front?
Why do you think you lose deals?
How do you find customers?
Biggest objection your sellers hear?
What is biggest fear with entering the US Market?
Do you have a sales and marketing plan (specially created for the US market)?
Do you have a Sales Playbook?
Do you know who your ideal customer is?
Do you have a sales and marketing budget?
Do you rely on your own sales staff or have or planning on hiring contract sales reps?
Do you know if you need a sales rep or your own sales staff?
Do you have any sales staff? And how many speak English, fluently?
Do you already have sales in the US? Direct? Or via Sales Reps? If so what is your yearly US sales?
Do you attend trade and industry shows/events?
How do you prepare for your trade and industry events?
What do you expect to accomplish from this trip to the United States?
Anything else?