Being able to draw from a diverse pool of readings enables us to seamlessly adjust our thinking, not only across verticals but across a wide range of business objectives for each of our needs.

We believe in interdisciplinary thinking approach. Interdisciplinary learning is a demanding commitment. We strongly believe there are sufficient gains to justify investing your time in reading interdisciplinary books. The rewards will be worthwhile.

Interdisciplinary Thinking and Four Cognitive Abilities:

Perspective-Taking Techniques: This refers to the capacity to understand multiple viewpoints on a given topic including an appreciation of the differences between disciplines and especially their perspectives on how to approach a problem and their rules of evidence.

Development of Structural Knowledge: This is composed of two elements, Declarative Knowledge (i.e., factual information) and Procedural Knowledge (i.e., process-based information), which are needed to solve complex problems.

Integration of conflicting insights from alternative disciplines: When ideas from a variety of disciplines are embraced when investigating an issue alternative perspectives and predictions often arise. The intellectual challenge is to find ways to account for these which entails careful and creative thinking rather than revert to a single disciplinary explanation.

Interdisciplinary Understanding: This entails seeing an issue from an array of perspectives and recognizing how each of the alternative approaches influences one another.


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Writing “right” is so important! (read on to find out why)

Make Time! How To Focus On What Matters Most

The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

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