The road to success is NOT paved with FAKERS.

The worst startup advice ever! It’s is an article published on (Link to the article is below.)

Here is the title: 3 Steps for Faking It Right to Make It Big. It says proudly: “For entrepreneurs starting out, the right version of “fake it until you make it” is exactly what they should be doing. To become a part of the gutsy but harmless “faking it” tradition, here are three tactics entrepreneurs can use”.

And sadly they have the guts to call this type of fakery “ethical” shortcuts… This type of deceit goes well with the present tradition of fake news, lies and treachery rampant in politics and elsewhere in society. Please don’t be part of fanning the fire!

Startup founders and entrepreneurs, don’t listen to this type of “fake” advise, stay as honest and transparent as you can. Your partners and investors are not dumb, they will sense your fakeries sooner or later. Investors and real people DO NOT want to be impressed with fake stuff!

The idea that an entrepreneur who “fakes it” is someone who “takes on challenges” even if he has no idea how he’ll solve them is stupid at best! They should not even be involved in what they are trying to do if they don’t know how to do it! It’s like trying to fly an airplane without even having a drivers license!

And more importantly, the “faking it” tradition is not harmless” statement is absolutely wrong. It is harmful and unethical! and in the long run costs all of us financially and time wise. Out of the three tactics this young entrepreneur outlines the “only one” that deserves any credit is the advice about getting good advisors, that’s about it. The rest is garbage!

This reminds me of the “attendance trophies” given to all kids that show up to school but haven’t learned a darn thing in class! Let’s award them just to show up!

The road to success is NOT paved with fakers.

3 Steps for Faking It Right to Make It Big 
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