Startup Port Looks to Benefit from Sherpa’s Client Relationships on the East Coast

Chicago, IL: June 25, 2017

Startup Port looks to benefit from its relationship with Sherpa Business Advisors, LLC (“Sherpa”) and the firm’s Founding Partner. A series of speaking and client engagements will take Archel G. Desir back to Boston, Philadelphia and New York where the entrepreneur has formerly studied and worked.

Though the majority of his professional career has been with larger institutions within the hedge fund, private equity and venture capital sectors, Archel has more recently worked in partnership with Startup Port to tactically execute on varied strategies that help seed stage companies to yield sustained traction. Through Sherpa, and on an interim basis, he has been engaged to deliver value as an Operating Partner for later stage client firms that require his expertise on corporate development matters.

“We look forward to collaborating with Archel while he is out on the East Coast”, says Hal Tezcan of Startup Port. “Because he brings such a great deal of value from not only a financier’s perspective but also one of a ‘from-the-trenches’ operator to our team, I am confident that he will continue to help us by connecting some of the Chicago startups participating in The Sprint 90 Program to Sherpa clients of relevance.”

Startup Port has been catalyzing innovation in Chicago and the Midwest since 2008. With strong business connections to Central Asia and the Middle East, the venture development company works alongside its subject matter experts and client management teams to strengthen seed stage operations. Sherpa, formalized in 2016, works in tandem with Startup Port as the operating advisor that helps a Startup Port development to better streamline its financing and investment activities for the purpose of securing follow-on capital.

About Startup Port – Startup Port is not an “Incubator” or “Accelerator”. It is a startup support platform that offers The Sprint 90 Program, a full suite of venture development solutions, to seed stage (pre-revenue to $1.5 million in gross sales) technology operators whom are looking to build companies that yield sustained traction.

About Sherpa – Sherpa is a risk advisory practice that works with high net worth individuals and family offices to conduct thorough investment due diligence (operational and financial).

To learn more about how Startup Port will continue to collaborate with Sherpa alongside its subject matter experts and seed stage management teams, contact