Kids Ride is a iOS and web platform built to provide ride services for kids. Think Uber for kids, Kids Ride is a fully functional, multi-integrated solution that uses real-time data and integrates with Google Maps and Google Places API.

Kids Ride has a full suite dashboard that allows the administrator to control and manage the service from above. The dashboard is equipped with functions such as location services, manage payment, and manage individual accounts. It uses a “God view” functionality which allows the administrator to track and view all drivers in a given map.


What is Kids Ride?

Kids Ride is a full suite platform that combines both mobile application and web. The mobile application is built on an iOS platform and is broken into two applications: Kids Ride and Kids Drive.

The Kids Ride application is used by parents to book and schedule rides for their children. They can either request a one-time ride or schedule a recurring pick up – perfect for children who participate in afterschool programs, and weekend activities.

The Kids Drive application is used by drivers. Drivers can set their own schedules, and include preferences such as car seats and strollers. Drivers can also manage their own account activities through a fully integrated dashboard that shows their earnings, durations, and others. The dashboard is a web-based platform.

Kids Ride was built with the child in mind. The most important feature of Kids Ride is its notification and tracking features. Kids Ride notifies parents prior to, during, and after the children has been picked up and dropped off. For added convenience and peace of mind, parents can view and track the vehicle on their mobile devices no matter where they are.


The Technology:

Kids Ride and Kids Drive is built solely on the iOS platform. It is built using Objective C – a native language of iOS. The backend is written in CodeIgniter and MongoDB.

The Driver and Administrator Dashboard’s Front End is written in standard HTML 5 and the backend is written in CodeIgniter and MongoDB.

Kids Ride is integrated with Google Maps and Google Places.

Kids Ride uses OTP (One Time Password) for user authentication and it uses Twilio as its service provider.


What comes with the platform?

Kids Ride comes with two mobile applications: Kids Ride and Kids Drive, two web dashboards: Driver and Administrator, and a one year third party development support.


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