Why MBAs are not a good fit for any start up business by Steve Blank

Steve Blank’s step by step How to Build a start up company Guide –

Startup founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs and MBAs must watch this talk – And hopefully understand what it is about to start and run a company…

This video was made in 2015 during the Startup Istanbul event which we (Startup Port attended). Steve also made this exact same presentation many years ago (about a decade) on TED.

Steve is the global guru on starting up companies, writer of many great methodologies and books about business.

In our Startup Port “Sprint 90” entrepreneurs coaching and training curricula we require every founder and entrepreneur to listen to this video (the TED version and later the 2015 Startup Istanbul) and report the take aways back to us. It was a mandated pre-requisite.

I urge everyone involved in a start up company (a NewCo, not necessarily a startup) to listen and understand the process of executing the “model”…

We hope you can go away from watching this video with insights and take aways to make you a great company leader.

H Tezcan
Co-Founder, Startup Port.