The power of doing nothing at all.

Making time in your life to do nothing can be challenging — especially during the work week where we are constantly pummeled and bombarded with meetings, notifications and an ever growing list of tasks.

Busy founders have started implementing “Think Weeks” into their annual schedules — week long periods they spend reflecting, reading, thinking and living outside the all-encapsulating world that is running a business.

“The power of doing nothing at all” by Aytekin Tank as posted on Medium. Aytekin is the founder and CEO of JotForm is the Easiest Online Form Builder. Founded in 2006, JotForm was the first WYSIWYG form builder, and we’ve never stopped innovating since. Driven by making our users’ lives easier, we’re continually improving upon what works, and building new features and integrations to make JotForm work even better. Make sure to spread the word about them.

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