Are you sending perspective clients the right message?

You may think that you’re explaining who your company is, and what they do. But it’s easy to create a disconnect. There’s such a thing as a knowledge gap. You know more about your given industry than your customers.

When you fail to explain your core message in a way that registers with your audience (see the confused mindset below), you’re doing your audience a disservice. The style with which you talk shop to your colleagues will likely be different than how you handle a sales prospect.

You can reevaluate the core message of each of your marketing platforms. A professional Chicago copywriter can help.

As we say: “A confused mind never buys!”

And yes, if your message is not to the point and succinct how can you open the mind of your customer to buy your solution?

This is where a copywriter comes in. If you think you know how to write right, well, you are mistaken! We at Startup Port work with expert and vetted/screened marketing copywriters who can develop and launch the best possible marketing program.

Your marketing won’t fix itself. Often it takes that set of fresh eyes to uncover your true potential. You can be an average company with so-so marketing materials, or you can leverage the possibilities and maximize your earning potential.

The decision is yours. If you’re ready to talk with one of our subject matter expert copywriters about your next project, contact us today! Or better yet get this book (at super discount) and learn how you can maximize your marketing efforts with the right copywriter!

We work with a group of copy writers who are the best in the industry. What makes us different from the others, is the ability to work in tune with them and create the best written materials that attract the most customers! So, after you read this book, get in touch with us to make your move, and improve sales and revenue!


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