Apple users: Do you think your private data is going to be safe in the Chinese Cloud?

Apple users: Do you think your private data is going to be safe in the Chinese Cloud? Think again!  Apple hands over operation of its Chinese iCloud servers. The iPhone maker is partnering with Guizhou-Cloud Big Data, owned by the provincial government, to comply with strict new rules for foreign tech companies. Apple says it will maintain control of users’ encryption keys, but privacy advocates are leery.  Apple’s official website declares: “At Apple, we believe privacy is a fundamental […]

What Is Grit and Why Does It Matter?

GRIT! I always mention this character trait in my conversations with startup founders and entrepreneurs. We emphasize the extreme value of this trait and how building discipline in what you do through habits and confidence can improve your persistence and will to do what you say. Yes, you can develop GRIT! it is in your power. And you need it more than anything else when you are creating a successful startup. And don’t forget: Over time, grit is what separates […]

Our youngest entrepreneurs!

David-and-Goliath Battle Over taskers! Watch out TaskRabbit two 19 year old from the Chicago suburbs of Sugar Grove have launched an app to locally outsource consumers’ to-do lists! It all started while looking for some quick ways to make a little extra cash. Now the whole thing turned into a great mobile app where anyone who needs a task done can sign up and post a description of their task along with details such as date and time, location, and […]

The Cure To All Your Business’s Problems!

One Question That Will Cure All Your Business’s Problems! A short video by Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank that says it all. If you do not have this magic juice, you have nothing!  Watch the video. Let’s us help you create the best business model to have the best sales traction for your business to succeed. Contact us for a free one hour evaluation.  And, don’t forget to sign up to our Startup Sprint Newsletter. If you like it, pass […]

We launched our Startup Sprint Newsletter

STARTUP SPRINT NEWSLETTER           SOLUTIONS FOR STARTUPS & ENTREPRENEURS Create + Collaborate + Launch Helping founders create and implement a lean roadmap with fast turnaround and execution. Unfortunately in the startup ecosystem some assumptions often masquerade as facts! There are no assumptions here. Only tried and trued facts and nothing else. Written, collected and disseminated by Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs. Laser focused on what is needed to quickly solve nagging problems and questions about business.     VIEW ONLINE […]

In the Startup Ecosystem some assumptions masquerade as facts!

Unfortunately some assumptions often masquerade as facts! Since you don’t have infinite time, find out which assumptions are correct or incorrect as quickly as possible to discover a real problem worth solving. Don’t be entangled in a web of assumptions created by wannabe experts and waste your time with maybes… A while back used the phrase: “There is no -Ctrl-Alt-Del- for resetting your time” to emphasize the unmeasurable value of TIME to our startup founders and entrepreneurs. This is nothing […]

What happened to the “Democratization of this and that” Amazon is now a real threat the all businesses

What happened to the “Democratization of this and that”? Amazon is now a real threat the all businesses. It is evident that Amazon wants to be a Monopoly and create a control and dominance the entire business world. It is very interesting to sit back and watch the Millennials and other Globalists not take any actions against a giant monopolistic threat caused by Amazon! They (Ms & Gs) should be the ones raising concern and hell for what is transpiring […]

What is your most valuable Capital?

“We’re tight-fisted with property and money, yet think too little of wasting time, the one thing about which we should all be the toughest misers.’ — Seneca” — We, at Startup Port coined the phrase:  “There is no -Ctrl-Alt-Del- for resetting your time. This is nothing new but unfortunately human beings tend to underestimate the incredible and even -irreplaceable- value of their time. What is your most valuable Capital? […]

Top reasons why startups fail

CBInsights published again their 20 reasons why startups fail research. We agree with most of it but have to differ on the first five reasons why a business fails. Startup failures rarely come from the inability to create a product or raise funds. Instead, the culprit is typically a lack of understanding of either the market or the customer. The first and utmost reason startups fail on our list is #1 but there is more to it. And here is […]

There are skeletons in your online closet. Really!

Hey SOCIAL MEDIA fans, watch what you are posting on the wild web. It will come back to hunt you in the future… There are skeletons in your online closet. Employers are screening the social media history of job seekers for signs of questionable behavior, and the results can be alarming. Oliver Staley used a new software tool from BrandYourself to plumb his own online past, and discovered that even the most innocuous photos and comments can raise red flags […]



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