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Startup Port was present at the Technori pitch event at IIT in May. Welcome to Chicago’s Startup Showcase, May 2018 Edition. All of today’s startups are currently running equity crowdfunding campaigns, which can invest in right now on ​Technori live stream video of the meetings and pitch event at IIT in May 2018. Speeches by Howard Tullman and Marc Achler ​Here is the live stream video of the entire event. Please lsiten to Mark’s presentation and take away things that […]

Vetting and due diligence process and pricing from one of our partners

Vetting and due diligence process and pricing from one our partners. This discounted pricing is only allowed to members of our startup ecosystem community. This is not a me too type of personal or business credit and/or background check syndicate, which processes millions of BS data. This is real “vetting” and cross checking! And with risk assessment as required by clients. Only applicable in the US and few other countries. INDIVIDUALS 1. Red Flag Vetting ($200 per person vetted). This […]

A quick guide for external collaboration and networked innovation

A quick guide for external collaboration and networked innovation. This triple approach is often used in creating external collaboration capabilities:   1) identify business units or corporate functions with pains or opportunities that can benefit from working with external partners, 2) identify the key reasons why you want to pursue external partnerships for the chosen units or functions and 3) identify the proper stakeholders for exploiting or exploring pains or opportunities and the channels and approaches for working with them.   […]

As communication technology advances ‘Attention” becomes a scarcity!

Technological advances have led to an explosion of information, and that has produced a “paradox of plenty”: an abundance of information leads to scarcity of attention. When people are overwhelmed by the volume of information confronting them, it is hard to know what to focus on. Attention, not information, becomes the scarce resource. And on top of it, this attention has to be very well focused on exactly what you are looking for! Our Infant Information Revolution by Joseph […]

Cryptocurrency is a Ponzi Scam!

So far both the price action and sequence of events is following the same Ponzi Patterns I observed in Nasdaq, Subprime and Greek Debt bubbles. Now, we have a minority -extremely smart and useful- academician doing the job that was supposed to be done by government regulators to prove the shenanigans and utter bs…. What we know today as money is credit 99.99% of the time. Credit of a sovereign is the foundation of the credit construct and that’s backed […]

What makes a Winning Team and great Leadership?

Few tips that would change your perspective on winning Teams and Leadership from Hal our “adaptive generalist” inspired by Shane Snow’s book “Dream Teams, Working Together Without Falling Apart”, in which the author reveals the counter-intuitive reasons why so many partnerships and groups break down–and why some break through. Here are eight takeaways in the form of charts that summarizes the process in which binds together the visionaries that makes the best “winning” teams.   Flexible Visionaries Amazon’s Jeff […]

The great wit and wisdom of Anthony Bourdain

We lost a great man today, Anthony Bourdain. Not only was he a great food expert but he was also an incredible (one of the best) story tellers of all time. I loved watching his shows. I also admired Bourdain’s wit and wisdom. Here are some great samples of his sayings: – “Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life – and travel &#8211 […]

About Handshakes

I read this article today on Quartz Obsession that has an entire plug about handshakes, I really enjoyed the article and saw some lame handshakes too… But hey, as I always say: YOU CAN STILL NOT EMAIL A HANDSHAKE regardless of how sophisticated our tech savvy entrepreneurs are. You win trust and people ONE HANDSHAKE AT A TIME… If you don’t believe me, believe in science: Researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel reported in 2015 that handshakes […]

Just Do It!

In order to be successful you need to: ​Just do it = Start it, procrastination kills all Repeat = Do it over and over to master it Insist = Don’t take no for an answer Navigate = Decide an how to do the above Desire […]

Keep It Simple!



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