About Handshakes

I read this article today on Quartz Obsession that has an entire plug about handshakes, I really enjoyed the article and saw some lame handshakes too… But hey, as I always say: YOU CAN STILL NOT EMAIL A HANDSHAKE regardless of how sophisticated our tech savvy entrepreneurs are. You win trust and people ONE HANDSHAKE AT A TIME… If you don’t believe me, believe in science: Researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel reported in 2015 that handshakes […]

Just Do It!

In order to be successful you need to: ​Just do it = Start it, procrastination kills all Repeat = Do it over and over to master it Insist = Don’t take no for an answer Navigate = Decide an how to do the above Desire […]

Keep It Simple!

Not your common Incubator or Accelerator!

Startup Port is not an incubator or accelerator but a co-foundry that focuses on the process of consistent startup creation by using shared subject matter expertise and shared key fundamental business resources. We are market and segment agnostic, we love helping create businesses and ventures with solid foundations. We partner with selected seasoned entrepreneurs while our subject matter experts act as their multi-functional operational advisors and co-founders. The ultimate end game is to scale up the startups as independent, fully-operational […]

Startup Port is not your usual stuff…

If you’re sick and tired of “the usual” networking events, random connections, blogs, mentorship that lead to nowhere and the wasted time,  then Startup Port is for you! Most people spend valuable time looking at the wrong places, asking the wrong questions to the wrong people! At Startup Port we solve your most challenging issues and get you the right advice, support and connections to create solutions and opportunities while minimizing the risks your startup is faced with. It’s all […]

Good to be recognized every now and then!

These are our youngest startup founders we have been coaching and advising.  We don’t like to expose our startups publicly for privacy and confidentiality reasons (unless they decide to do so.) We like to run deep and run silent, it’s the best policy for success. Thank you Jake and Neil, founders of Link to the LinkedIn post by Dablr:   […]

It’s hard to run a company well if you don’t have clear goals

It’s hard to run a company well if you don’t have clear goals. John Doerr’s new book, “Measure What Matters,” is a guidebook to using a leadership strategy called Objectives and Key Results — or, in other words, communicating what you want to achieve and measuring how well you achieve it. In society at large, he said, “our leaders and some of our great institutions are failing us,” in many cases because they have picked the wrong objectives; more specifically […]

Time management deficit syndrome (also known as “I am crazy busy…”

We all have a “time management deficit”. It’s time to review your priorities. Let’s be honest, we all think we are crazy busy! Right? I think we all know the feeling, we have to make a call or send an email to explain why we haven’t delivered on something in the agreed time frame. Or perhaps someone has become increasingly frustrated because you haven’t returned their call or email. Somewhere in the discussion, the words slip out “it’s just […]

Management theory is becoming a compendium of dead ideas

Management theory is becoming a compendium of dead ideas   Business Gurus and entrepreneurializm? What business Gurus? and what entrepreneurializm? First, there are too business Gurus! and second, the idea that we live in an age of entrepreneurializm is slowly but surely becoming stale and will die soon! Gurus including Peter Drucker and Tom Peters have long preached the virtues of enterprise. Governments have tried to encourage it as an offset to the anticipated decline of big companies. The evidence […]

Ideas Are Cheap — Human factor is invaluable!

Remember, Ideas Are Cheap — Human factor is invaluable! We are brutally honest and straight forward on this matter. Many startup entrepreneurs ask us about whether they could pitch us about an idea they have. Our response is: “We don’t want to hear your idea,” “The idea is the easiest part of your journey,” “The difference between a great business and an idea is that for a great business you need to have a dedicated-passionate-savvy team that will endure all […]



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