There are skeletons in your online closet. Really!

Hey SOCIAL MEDIA fans, watch what you are posting on the wild web. It will come back to hunt you in the future… There are skeletons in your online closet. Employers are screening the social media history of job seekers for signs of questionable behavior, and the results can be alarming. Oliver Staley used a new software tool from BrandYourself to plumb his own online past, and discovered that even the most innocuous photos and comments can raise red flags […]

2018 Tax Reform impact for Angels & Startups

2018 Tax Reform impact for Angels and Startups As you know the tax reform bill, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, was signed into law by the President just before the Christmas holiday. It has some considerable positive impact on businesses and investments. Here are few things to know about tax reform that affect angel investors and new companies: • Gains on Qualified Small Business Stock (also known as 1202) will continue to be 100% exempted. • The R&D […]

Must attend event: CryptoCon 2018 February 15, Chicago

Thanks to our friends and partners at FinTank we are offering our Startup Port ecosystem members, colleagues and friends a $25 discount to  this one of a kind event about everything and anything you want to learn about Crypto and Blockchain held in Chicago on February 15. But you have to hurry, space is limited so sign up immediately to apply your $25 discount! And don’t forget to received your $25 discount you must enter your code: StartupPortCrypto Here is […]

If you want to learn “what not to do”

They say history repeats itself.  Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. We can learn a lot from history. The key for a successful founder is to learn “what not to do” from other’s failures! Unfortunately many entrepreneurs do not pay attention to the wast amount of information and resources that are out there about startup business failures. Startup Graveyard is a sobering website that shows you one thing: all the great ideas and startups that […]

How To Create The Best Environment For Making Decisions

Design your default: How To Create The Best Environment For Making Decisions. It’s the start of a new year, and most of us would love to make better decisions. We want to do better in our careers, relationships, and health. But what’s stopping us is the decisions we make daily. Here’s the scary part: oftentimes, we don’t even know that we are making these decisions. As it turns out, our environment shapes a great deal of what we do. If […]

Do you invest in yourself?

How much do you invest in yourself? ​I read a recent article on Quartz about being like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett​. You really don’t need to be like them as long as you realize (early) the value of your time! I always say: “There is no ctrl-alt-del for resetting your time” ​it is crucial ​that you have a solid understanding of time management. Your time management. As the article spells out, you need to invest in yourself and master […]

The new gig economy contract work world

Rise Of The Contract Workers: Work Is Different Now NPR/Marist Poll Highlights on “contract workers in America” 20 percent of all American workers are contract workers hired to work on a specific project or for a fixed period of time. 51 percent of contract workers don’t receive benefits from their jobs. 49 percent of contract workers have income that varies from month to month or seasonally. 65 percent of contract workers are male and 62 percent are under 45. 66 […]

Hal Tezcan, Strategic Business Advisor for Solve Smart Cities

An experienced troubleshooter, mentor and collaborator, Hal has been involved in startup ecosystems for over three decades and currently serves as a strategic advisor to Solve. With Solve, Hal hopes to bring local workforce development facilitators, economic development organizations and local businesses together to solve the dysfunctional employment empowerment process faced by underserved communities. He is driven to find a sustainable solution to the disconnected social and workforce empower systems by removing barriers to opportunity and tracking the collective cross-functional […]

The 80/20 rule

The Pareto Principle simply states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort. Thus, the 80/20 rule. For example: 80% of your income comes from 20% of your clients 80% of your complaints come from 20% of your customers 80% of your engagement comes from 20% of your content 80% of your creativity comes from 20% of your inspiration 80% of your skill set comes from 20% of the material Not part of the Pareto Principle […]

Your pitch is NOT perfect!

“There is a fundamental disconnect between the way we pitch anything and the way it is received by our audience. As a result, at the crucial moment, when it is most important to be convincing, nine out of ten times we are not. Our most important messages have a surprisingly low chance of getting through. You need to understand why this disconnect occurs in order to overcome it, succeed, and profit.” Oren Klaff Let us help you with this startup founder dilemma and create the […]



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