Is technology and the Smartphone in particular destroying a generation?

The average modern person has trouble sitting for half an hour in a train doing nothing but, say, observing the other passengers, studying the ads or looking out the window. Such activities belong to a bygone time, back when a phone was a big, heavy contraption tethered to a wire and a person dared to think thoughts untethered to a screen. We’d all agree that people are on their phones “all the time.” But what does that look like in […]

Social media has been ripping apart society and you are being programmed to do it!

You are being programmed! Chamath Palihapitiya, former vice president of Facebook user growth, recently expressed his concerns about social apps. During a recent public discussion at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Palihapitiya—who worked at Facebook from 2005 to 2011—told the audience, “I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.” Some of his comments seem to echo (first president of Facebook) Sean Parker’s concern. Parker has said that social media […]

The Winning Strategy

The Winning Strategy (From The Book of Five Rings, Gorin No Sho)   In ancient times a great warrior named Miyamoto Musashi devoted his last years to the task of setting down the Samurai secret that he alone knew. He formulated a winning strategy that transcends the clash of war, and speaks directly to everyone who wants to succeed in life. Here are laid down timeless principles of craft, skills, timing and spirit which result in ultimate victory. 1 […]

Before they were unicorns: A look at early fundings for Uber, Airbnb and more

Today’s most buzzworthy venture capital-backed companies had a life before they were unicorns, and almost all of them had a different name, too. Here’s a look at 10 of the most valuable VC-backed companies’ early fundings and some investors who made early bets:   Article from our friends at PitchBook: […]

The future of the commercial drone industry

In six charts: the sky-stealing future of the commercial drone industry  via @QuartzCreative […]

If you think they are all working, think again!

DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR EMPLOYEES ARE DOING RIGHT NOW? Most likely 30% (if not more) are goofing off and research says some are on Netflix watching movies and shows at work… Here goes your efficiency down the “tube”… But 26% of respondents also said they’ve binged shows and movies at work. People in the US were more likely to stream from the office, while users around the world were more likely to stream during their commutes. Here are some […]

Fintech startups need to look into democratizing pension plans!

Pensions plans are in trouble (and it’s going to get worse) via @PitchBook Not a good picture in the horizon! McKinsey, in a report from last year, warned of a future of diminished investment returns where “investors may need to lower their expectations” as we exit a “golden era” for financial assets associated largely with the three-decade-plus bull market in bonds. This period was associated with an average annual real total equity return of 7.9% and a real […]

Are ICOs like the old “pump-and-dump” scam?

The uncomfortable parallels between ICOs and the “penny stock” pump-and-dump underworld The uncomfortable parallels between ICOs and the “penny stock” underworld An article from our friends at Quartz The chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission recently said pump-and-dump schemes are easier to pull off for ICOs than penny stocks, because trading in tokens is all electronic and anonymous, making it “harder to catch the bad guys,” according to Coindesk. Belfort himself told the Financial Times (paywall) that while […]

Current trends of US VC from PitchBook

16 charts showing current trends in US venture capital via our friends at PitchBook […]

5 traits angel investors look for in startups

What angel investors look for in startups Over 700 investors attended the 2016 Angel Capital Association’s Summit at the Pennsylvania Convention Center last fall. Here are a few key takeaways from what angel investors are looking for in a company that is worth their while from this event. 1. Notable founder profile “Entrepreneurs need to elevate their personal profiles,” “We’re interested in knowing what the founder is all about and how much they have invested in this.” A founder needs […]



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