In order to win you need to encourage your team to accept mistakes…

How Coca-Cola, Netflix, and Amazon Learn from Failure Encourage your team to embrace mistakes. Founders need to accept “some” failure as an option! Think about it; the people who sit behind a desk doing virtually​ nothing will almost “never” make mistakes. Simply because they are doing nothing ​worth anything! You need to have an appetite for risk​, and more importantly:​ the stomach for it​! People who are at the leading edge and experiment with “new:” things are bound to make […]

The importance of founder-to-market fit

The founder to market fit is as important as the market fit of your idea… Fundamentally, your startup success rate is directly dependent on your team, market, product, and traction. And all early stage venture firms look at team, market, product, and traction. It all boils down to closing the sales and having a great marketing matrix and the core of the issue is: to you have an “unfair distribution advantage.” Smart investors gravitate towards startups that possess a […]

Smart Leaders Focus on Execution First and Strategy Second

HBR article: When a strategy looks brilliant, it’s because of the quality of execution. A dumb idea is the one you fumble in the field by missing critical details, like how customers would react or what competitors might change while you’re still picking up the ball […]

Invest in Women!

Median Male Lifetime Income Shows a Downward Trend. Average lifetime incomes of men entering the workforce since the 1960s have stagnated or fallen, while those of women have increased, according to the analysis presented in Lifetime Incomes in the United States Over Six Decades (NBER Working Paper No. 23371). The study reports a steady climb in median lifetime income for women […]

Why unicorns are overvalued? (and the industry knows it…)

The cumulative unrealized value of current US unicorns is approaching $600 billion, per PitchBook data. And, the sad part is that, most of it is based on outright lies, the market and investors know about! So why is this happening? Why are people lying about the valuation of their businesses? And, more importantly why do investors invest in over-valued and under performing businesses even though they know about this deceit? The problem isn’t that humans don’t know what’s good for […]

Another one is going to hit the dust!

Another Unicorn on it’s way to graveyard of failures? Blue Apron hits 70% drop in value – CEO is ousted! The company debuted on the NYSE in late June, selling its shares for $10 apiece—a number that was already a major drop from pricing expectations. The past five months haven’t been any kinder. Stock in Blue Apron (NYSE: APRN) closed Thursday trading at $3.07, setting a market cap of about $569 million, down from $1.9 billion when it debuted. Anything […]

Wake up Midwest, you have a great opportunity with the startup ecosystem

Great article on how we (Chicago and Illinois) can be a “flyover” spot on the startup ecosystem. As the writer of this article emphasizes, building strong startup ecosystems is how cities, towns, and rural areas across the country will create new economic identities. The issues is that all involved, entrepreneurs, funders, community organizations, politicians (ouch, we need then too for legislation helping startups) )and local governments need to working together supporting startup scenes in the Midwest. We need to keep […]

Victory for foreign startup entrepreneurs!

Startup Entrepreneurs Welcome! National Venture Capital Association scores big win for foreign-born entrepreneurs with lawsuit victory. I reported about this matter on a post few month ago. ‘This was a fight worth having’: NVCA goes to court for immigrant startup founders. In September, the National Venture Capital Association sued the US government over its opposition to a key immigration program. Created during the Obama administration, the International Entrepreneur Rule gives the Department of Homeland Security the ability to allow […]

Tax Reform Bill: Senate Comes Through For Investors

Senate Comes Through For Investors What’s Going On Here? The US Senate passed a bill over the weekend containing huge changes to the US tax system – and stocks have been celebrating. What Does This Mean? Before becoming law, the bill must be reconciled with a similar bill that has already been passed by the US House of Representatives. While the passage of a final bill is still not a slam dunk, passage by the Senate is a big move […]

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