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Your marketing won’t fix itself

Are you sending perspective clients the right message? You may think that you’re explaining who your company is, and what they do. But it’s easy to create a disconnect. There’s such a thing as a knowledge gap. When you fail to explain your core message in a way that registers with your audience (see the confused mindset below), you’re doing your audience a disservice. The style with which you talk shop to your colleagues will likely be different than how […]

Self-Awareness. What type of person are you?

      Chart from Wikipedia    […]

It’s Not What You Say!

How you should think about your TIME!

  Don’t confuse Invest and Earn Invest your time for future long term returns Make time to create short turn returns so you can Earn The combination of the two creates stable, sustainable growth […]

The best thing to do is to take ACTION on a VISION!

Books every entrepreneur MUST read!

Books every entrepreneur MUST read!

We are constantly on the look out for new, meaningful and inspiring books. Please check back this page regularly for our latest recommendations. And don’t forget to check out recommended books, updated regularly: More Books To Read About Work, Life, Management, Leadership and Business When was the last time you read a good book and went on an adventure, learned something new, exercised your brain, and fed your curiosities? It’s true that we were all taught to read […]

Why People Product And Processes are so important? (Webinar and Training Module)

Why People Product And Processes are so important? (Webinar and Training Module)

People Product And Processes (The first 3 Ps of Startup Port 6 P Process!) In addition to innovation process from idea to value generating product and market proven business model, startups also need to build a strong and committed founding team and develop both of these together into a real growing business and organization running processes that effectively capture the value created. ​While there are many great resources and self education tools available for product and business development, where most […]



The Elevator Speech: Most people have the wrong idea about your elevator pitch! It should be based on a social conversation rather than trying to sell something! It has to be a conversational process and very succinct and short! There are three fundamental parts of an elevator pitch: 1. The Benefit 2. The Differentiator 3. The Ask The Benefit: This is NOT WHAT YOU ARE SELLING! It is what you are SELLING MEANS TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE USING […]


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