Considerations before you form your company

Considerations before you form your company

LLCs vs C Corps What you need to know before you form your company. Limited liability companies (LLCs) and C Corporations are the two primary corporate entities in the United States. Each entity type has some features which are more advantageous for some businesses than for others. We’ve collected some information here so that you can make an informed choice, in consultation with your professional advisors. Our legal preferred partners and advisors have contributed their expertise to this section (see disclaimer at […]

TUBITAK KOSGEB and other Turkish incentive programs related

TUBITAK KOSGEB and other Turkish incentive programs related

TUBITAK KOSGEB and other Turkish incentive programs related MASTER PLANLAMA YATIRIM PLANLAMA OFİS KURULUM TEŞVİK PROGRAMI ARASTIRMASI ABD PAZARINA GIRIS STRATEJİSİ Eğitim (BUSINESS EDUCATION) Rehberlik  (MENTORING AND ADVISORY) Kuluçka Hizmeti (INCUBATION CENTER) Doğrulama (VALIDATION AND PILOTING) TEKNOPARK Kurulumu Teknoparklar, Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgesinde yer almakta ve 4691 sayılı Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgeleri Kanunu kapsamında faaliyetlerini sürdürmektedir. Teknoparklardaki şirketlere uygulanan muafiyetler 6170 sayılı yasa ile 2023’e kadar uzatılmış ve yeni avantajlar sağlamıştır. ⦁ Teknoloji bağlantılı […]

Quick reading material before our mentoring sessions

Quick reading material before our mentoring sessions. These article provide some guidance on how the proper presentation collateral (elevator pitch, exec summary, deck, website, video) should be, not only from the perspective of the startup entrepreneur but also from the views of investors (What investors are looking for) This provides you the key points and insights investors are looking for in a good presentation (before making an investment). […]

Your marketing won’t fix itself

Are you sending perspective clients the right message? You may think that you’re explaining who your company is, and what they do. But it’s easy to create a disconnect. There’s such a thing as a knowledge gap. When you fail to explain your core message in a way that registers with your audience (see the confused mindset below), you’re doing your audience a disservice. The style with which you talk shop to your colleagues will likely be different than how […]

The best and worst States to start your business in the US

We have to be fair in making statements about which state is better for business. Many have been promoting Delaware for decades.  Yes, Delaware has its advantages but the fact is that it’s not the only State that is best for business. As a matter of fact Delaware ranks 11 in a recent study. Which states have the best business tax climate for forming an LLC or corporation? Deciding on the state in which to form your corporation or LLC […]

Self-Awareness. What type of person are you?

      Chart from Wikipedia    […]

It’s Not What You Say!

How you should think about your TIME!

  Don’t confuse Invest and Earn Invest your time for future long term returns Make time to create short turn returns so you can Earn The combination of the two creates stable, sustainable growth […]

The best thing to do is to take ACTION on a VISION!

The hidden death trap for all startups: “The Valley Of Death”



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