The Lonely Entrepreneur Community helps unlock entrepreneurism in your organization.

Entrepreneurism is the “energy” that improves performance of your core business, unlocks the potential of innovation, unleashes talent and is critical to retaining the talent you require to compete.

The Lonely Entrepreneur Community helps employees develop entrepreneurial skills that assist your organization and meet your employees’ demand for developing skills for their own personal growth.

150 Learning Modules

The Community consists of twelve learning areas that cover the business and personal skills all entrepreneurs need. The learning modules in each area consists of video lessons and reference tools.

  • Setting Up A Business
  • Differentiating Your Offering
  • Generating Revenue
  • Marketing
  • Running a Business
  • People
  • Communication
  • Leading the Company
  • Managing Yourself
  • Financial Management
  • Raising Money
  • Legal

Tools to Drive Learning

The Community offers tools to encourage, measure and drive learning behavior.

  • Video Learning
  • Real-Time Reporting On Engagement and Completion
  • Quizzes To Test Learning
  • Online Community and Commenting System
  • Leaderboards

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