Feature List: Our Team has provided advice, mentorship or coaching to the following startups


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Kids Ride Platform

Kids Ride is a iOS and web platform built to provide ride services for kids. Kids Ride is a fully functional, multi-integrated solution that uses
real-time data and integrates with Google Maps and Google Places API.

Think of it as the
Uber for kids!

Supply Clinic

a new and revolutionary dental supply marketplace

Visa Watcher Technologies

immigration case management technology platform


job training/placement & case management for under-served communities

(Open for investments)

ErgoStandUp Desk

the healthy way to work

(Exited 2014)

Enterprise data Storage Solution

hosting, cloud computing, enterprise data storage

(One of our failures!)


next generation sanitizers & cleaners

(Self sustainable solution)

Manufactured Cast Parts

cost effective contract manufacturing

(Exited 2013)

Power Kiosk

real-time, value based energy purchasing technology

Urban Navigation/Security Solution

analytics based, urban safe path navigation app

(Exited 2015)

Twitter+Facebook with virtual suggestions

face to face video chat app with instant suggestions

(Looking for partners)

Clever+traceable hand sanitation process

medical/hospital hand sanitation monitor & control

(Exited 2015)


JiffyRides is a carpooling app that helps employees living in the same proximity to share rides with each other

(Open for investments)

Predictive analytics helping de-risk startup investments

solution to de-risk startup investments

(Soon to be launched)


Grocery marketplace at your fingertip

unique grocery market ERP, Logistics and Delivery solution

Personalized grocery selection solution

not an online shopping process! much more

The next generation of odor control

a truly disruptive odor control consumer product/gadget

(Open for investments)

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