Feature List: Our Team has provided advice, mentorship or coaching to the following startups

Supply Clinic

a new and revolutionary dental supply marketplace

Kids Ride Platform

Kids Ride is a iOS and web platform built to provide ride services for kids. Kids Ride is a fully functional, multi-integrated solution that uses
real-time data and integrates with Google Maps and Google Places API.

Think of it as the
Uber for kids!


a curated healthy grocery and food selection platform

Visa Watcher Technologies

immigration case management technology platform


job training/placement & case management for under-served communities

ErgoStandUp Desk

the healthy way to work

Enterprise data Storage Solution

hosting, cloud computing, enterprise data storage


next generation sanitizers & cleaners

Manufactured Cast Parts

cost effective contract manufacturing

Power Kiosk

real-time, value based energy purchasing technology

Urban Navigation/Security Solution

analytics based, urban safe path navigation app

Twitter+Facebook with virtual suggestions

face to face video chat app with instant suggestions

Clever+traceable hand sanitation process

medical/hospital hand sanitation monitor & control


JiffyRides is a carpooling app that helps employees living in the same proximity to share rides with each other

Predictive analytics helping de-risk startup investments

solution to de-risk startup investments

Personalized grocery selection solution

not an online shopping process! much more

The next generation of odor control

a truly disruptive odor control consumer product/gadget

Grocery marketplace at your fingertip

unique grocery market ERP, Logistics and Delivery solution

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