TIME is our biggest and most important Capital!

This is one resource we will never get back!

Time is a “capital” that cannot be rewound back and reset.

There is no “Ctrl-Alt-Del” for resetting your time.

Time is “final”.

What is spent is spent and cannot be refunded, or returned!

Stop and think about where you are after wasting the last six months reading blog posts and listening to pitches at events (and boy there are plenty of them). How many deals do you see? How many meetings do you go to? How often do you conduct due diligence? And how many of those Startups do you invest in?

It is said in the Startup Investment Ecosystem that in order to make 10 investments, the average investment firm reviews approximately 1,200 companies. That is not even taking into consideration solo Angel Investors. This “Deal Flow Pipeline” can be an expensive one for investors. Think of all the time and money you spend to find the leads. These 1,200 come from network introductions, conferences, in-bound inquiries, research efforts, referrals, and from other seed investors. Of the 1,200, it is found that approximately 500 lead to face-to-face meetings with someone on the investment team. The numbers are even more reduced for solo investors.

We take your “Capital” very seriously! And as we said it before Capital is Time. And Time is money. When you calculate how much time you spend on each lead’s financial due diligence, market data research, meetings with founders, and more, you will realize how much time and thus money you have spent on this exercise.

Stop wasting your time and start maximizing your returns. What Startup Port brings to you is a short list of vetted startup opportunities in which we have our own skin. We embedded our talent and skill sets in their operations. We have done our due-diligence and we know they are performing.

If you are an accredited investor get in touch with us to learn about the startup opportunities we offer. Your time is more valuable than you think, let Startup Port do the heavy lifting for you. We always have a deal flow pipeline full of incredible startup opportunities.