Connecting, Networking, Collaborating, Sharing

It’s almost impossible to do it alone! You need experienced advisors / mentors / partners / collaborators along the way to success.

Over the years we have built a successful and vast network of supporting partners who can help with all the details of setting up a new venture.

Our network is made of thoughtful and experienced professional people who value both your individual growth & the collaboration that contributes to your success.


A group that shares ideas, space, projects, skills, tools, people & other tangible things is a healthy, successful business community.

We strongly believe in sharing our knowledge with other same minded entrepreneurs so we can all succeed.

Our Mentors and Advisors

We have the brightest entrepreneurial minded Mentors who have started, sold and acquired businesses with deep real-time, real-life knowledge on how to succeed in both the brick & mortar and high-tech industries!

Our Mentors don’t need accolades and advertisements;  you will learn their value and talents as soon as you meet them!

Our Collaborative Support Ecosystem

To take advantage of our Ecosystem of proven and trusted solution providers all you have to do is enroll in our programs. Receive up to 50% (and more in some cases) discount on all the resources offered by our participating collaborators and solution providers.

Here are the areas of support provided by our accredited partners and collaborators:

  • Legal (in cooperation with established law firms)
  • Administrative / Accounting
  • Engineering / Design
  • Modeling / Prototyping / Testing
  • Marketing / Sales Force
  • Research (in cooperation with National Labs and Universities)
  • Product Development / Enhancement / Cost reduction
  • Equipment / Services / Supply Chain Sourcing
  • Programming / Coding (local support not offshore!)
  • Funding / Alternative financing solutions (in collaboration with local, domestic and international private equity, angel, venture and fund investors)
  • Grant and other funding research
  • Collaboratives and other Accelerators (in partnership with other startup ecosystems)
  • Office spaces
  • Staffing and board member selection
  • Travel and trade show support
  • Insurance and risk management/mitigation support
  • Internet Presence, Web Development & Design, E-Commerce

More collaborative partners are signing up to provide their services!