We empower founders to better understand their businesses, and provide the resources necessary for business success.

Today’s startups face a host of new challenges.

The marketplace is more competitive than ever before, and roughly 80 percent of new startups fail.

Success requires planning and vision. Beyond that, it requires hard work and knowing how to fix your subject matter gaps.

Startup Port is located in Chicago and helps founders and entrepreneurs locally, nationally, and internationally.

Our purpose is to help founders understand and mitigate the risks associated with launching their businesses, so that they can meet and exceed their goals.

We are a collective of subject matter experts passionate about seeing the Chicago startup community thrive.

We offer a comprehensive ideation to commercialization process designed to help you fast track your business launch and product innovation.

Our program provides an emphasis on growth and scalability.

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(*) There is a lot of noise about Startup failure rates. Some research states as high as 8 out of 10. Some groups claim much less. But the truth is that the majority of Startups fail to attract traction and funding! And there are three reasons for failure: People, Product and Process! Don’t let any of the Ps make you part of the statistics!