The majority (*) of startups fail.

This is a fact! This high failure rate is the result of wrong guidance, untrained founders and startups not getting the right business support!


We’re here to teach startup founders the key attributes and solutions the winners want to follow.

Based on years of experience in the trenches and having done it ourselves for decades we teach you to process your business model and develop your idea through simple tried out real solutions. No immersions, No camps, No selection processes, No spin and No hype!

Our Philosophy

Is to help you improve the odds of success for your startup!

We provide a finely tuned business support process that accelerates the successful development of startups by providing entrepreneurs with an array of carefully targeted resources and services. These services have been specifically developed by our management Team and through our vast network of expert contacts and collaborators.

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How We Solve This?

We help you process the WHAT, WHO, WHY, WHEN and HOW of your business model and let you implement the results for a successful business enterprise.

Our Processes

We provide a “Fast-Track” proprietary program called SPRINT 90” © which creates a lean roadmap with fast turnaround and implementation.

Supported by a separate four step standard long-term Full Solution Program for longer Engagement and Implementation Process which lead to a Successful Enterprise.

(*) According to the NVCA (National Venture Capital Association) and other National Research 99% of Startups fail to attract traction and funding!