Assumptions Are Abundant, Insights Are Rare!

We wish there was a sign like this:

Because Assumptions Can Fool You! 

Unfortunately some assumptions often masquerade as facts!

Since you don’t have infinite time, find out which assumptions are correct or incorrect as quickly as possible to discover a real problem worth solving.

Don’t be entangled in a web of assumptions created by wannabe experts and waste your time with exercises in futility…

As we always say at Startup Port: “There is no -Ctrl-Alt-Del- for resetting your time” to emphasize the unmeasurable value of TIME to our startup founders and entrepreneurs. This is nothing new but unfortunately human beings tend to underestimate the incredible and even -irreplaceable- value of their time.

So in order to stop wasting your time with assumptions and misguidance, we decided to have our daily Insights perspective. It will be worth your while and your TIME!

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INSIGHTS is offering an entire foundational learning module set organized into the skills and issues all entrepreneurs need to know, and implement to succeed.

What we provide:
We want to provide reliable startup business, financial, and legal information and continuing discovery to startup entrepreneurs and founders. All of our content is created by proven subject matter experts in their respective fields, with solid “from the trenches” credentials. We do our best to produce reliable, true and tested information that is easily understandable and digestible by all.

Why we do this:
As we stated above, there are too many assumptions masquerading as facts. The main reason for this is the abundance of information on the web. The internet makes it very easy for anyone to disseminate information. There are literally millions of “unchecked”, “unreliable”, and “unproven” information for free for all. This information can be biased, inaccurate, unproven, or produced with hidden agendas. Among the “hidden agendas” are sinister ways to sell you something or to use your data (via your email or IP address footprint) in sneaky marketing ploys. The majority of the time these “informational” articles are created and curated by freelance writers (no one knows who is really checking their credentials and seriously, how can you be a business expert without even having run a business –not a desk and a website- but a real business with payroll and real sales?) and contributors who are paid money per word for their articles. The sheer volume of information is not only overwhelming but sometimes confusing. In Science and technology there is “peer review”, but who really reviews the facts and truthfulness of the business information on the web?

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Insights on Market-Fit

An idea is useless if it does not have customers. A survey of failed startups determined that 42% of them identified the “lack of a market need for their product” as the single biggest reason for their failure. – Forbes

Insights on Intellectual Property

Do you know how your idea/concept/service needs to be protected? Do you need a trade mark or patent? Does and IP bring extra value to your business? What is the true cost of an IP? And is it a good investment?

Insights on Revenue Generation

An idea is useless until it starts generating revenue. What are your revenue channels? How will you price your idea/service? What revenue Model will you use-implement?How will you scale and grow? And, is there space to grow?

Insights on Product Development

How do you develop and actually build your product? MVP, prototyping? Who can build it cost effectively? Can you scale the production? Where is the talent to do this? And what are the protections you need to keep it for yourself?

Insights on Piloting – User feedback

You’ve built your initial (prototype) product – now get it in the hands of customers and end users! Insights on testing and validating the product or service! You want to get rid of your blinders and get the “right” feedback from your users, but how?

Insights on Marketing

Marketing strategies, though widely varied, are all aimed at convincing customers to try out or keep using your product or service. You need to understand your market and differentiate yourself from the competition. What marketing channels will you use? and do you know how well they work?

Insights on Presentation Collateral

You have your story set, tested your product, have early users. Startups fail to raise funding simply because their pitch sucks! Yes, the majority of the pitches fail to attract funders. Here ARE true insights on what makes the perfect presentations.

Insights on Funding & Finance

Do you know what type of funding you need? one template does not fit all. Do you have the best financial model? Do you know what investors are looking for? Why should they invest in you? And do you know the terms of a funding deal?

Insights on Setting Up Your Business

According to research,  80% of founders do not know how to start their companies… Here are some insights on how to properly set up your business. Business formation? Legal support? Who’s your accountant? Do you have the right Team ? What is your Brand? Are you relaying the right message? What are the risks?