You need 4 key ingredients plus the right solutions for a successful startup:

  • Solution to a problem = What is the solution you are providing to the problem? and, How is your idea addressing this problem?
  • Unique value proposition = Why someone must use your product or service? What do you offer that is so unique from the “others”?
  • Customers = Who needs to use this product or service? and What is your value delivery?
  • Revenue stream = How will you commercialize and monetize this product or service? How and When do you make money & How will your investors make money?



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Our Solution

The Sprint 90 program is an intensive training program designed to help startups focus their energy on finding effective growth solutions that can be adopted quickly and reliably. Some aspects we focus on include:

• The Product/Business Build
• The ultimate ideal customer/product fit with Sales and Marketing
• Team Management and Growth

The purpose of the Sprint 90 program is to create a more efficient and effective pathway from ideation to commercialization. The business planning and launch process can be overwhelming and complicated. Our Sprint 90 program provides a proven roadmap for success.

Our clients have access to our collective of more than 30 subject matter experts. Part of the Startup Port process includes pinpointing subject matter gaps for our clients, and providing the necessary legal, accounting and marketing expertise to fill those gaps.


Raising money for your startup isn’t easy!

It takes a tremendous amount of work and know-how. Once you have been through our Sprint 90 program our team of subject matter experts, writers and designers can help you plan, package and pitch your business to explore the different sources of financing available, build a strategy around your capital requirements, and set the best fundraise structure for your raise by:

• Structure the correct Fundraise Strategy
• Crafting the perfect pitch and presentation collateral
• Investor research and selection
• Determine and Create the best Investor Engagement

Our Team of experienced startup operating advisors will guide you through the funding process and keep you on track toward your goals. They’ve worked with hundreds of businesses at various stages and have learned what not to do!

This initial planning phase is a crucial time for any startup’s future success. The idea is to create a living document that serves as a roadmap for the journey ahead.

You will learn the following subject matters to create the best roadmap for your startup journey:


Customer Development – Market fit

You have the idea and realize it’s a good one. How do you go about checking if your customers will love it and use it over and over again? An idea is useless if it does not have customers. We help you identify your ideal customers and expand your customer base.


Intellectual Property

You need to protect yourself and your co-founders. Your idea/concept/service needs to be protected. You need to minimize the risk of losing your idea to someone else. Investors will use your IP to value and validate your business!


Revenue Stream

An idea is useless until it starts generating revenue. We’ll help you identify different revenue channels and models! And most important of all, you will learn how to price your idea/service and plan for revenue stream growth and scale.


Product Development

You’ve done your customer development, refined your idea and come up with a revenue model. Now comes the fun part – actually building the product! We are experts in prototyping and providing a beta version for the minimum viable product!


Beta Testing – User feedback

You’ve built your initial (prototype) product – now get it in the hands of customers and end users! We have a network of ready users in all the segments of the markets to test and validate the product or service!



Marketing strategies, though widely varied, are all aimed at convincing customers to try out or keep using your product or service. You need to understand your market and differentiate yourself from the competition.


Presentation Collateral

You have your story set. You’ve tested your product. You have early users. We help you fine tune for the perfect pitch. Startups fail to raise funding simply because their pitch sucks! Yes, the majority of the pitches fail to attract funders.



Each business requires a different funding approach; one template cannot be used for all. You will be guided to craft the right funding strategy. You will learn the best investor engagement process.


And, Hone it down

We will repeat and rinse with you all the steps until the entire model is seamless and highly tuned so you can properly “execute”.