You need the right ingredients plus the right processes for a successful business startup solution


 Startup Port SPRINT 90 Program for Venture Development


  • FOCUS: concept to seed stage technology ventures looking to create, collaborate and launch
  • OBJECTIVE: build technology operations that yield sustained traction and revenue
  • OPERATING ADVISORY SERVICES: operational and financial risk mitigation; subject matter expert support on branding, sales, marketing, legal, and technology (product and service) development. Execution Centric Leadership development

How We Solve This?

We help you process the WHAT, WHO, WHY, WHEN and HOW of your business model and let you implement the results for a successful business enterprise.

Our Process

Startup Port proprietary “SPRINT 90” © Program provides a complete solution for Engagement Selection and Implementation Process which lead to Success:

SPRINT 90 © Program Services



What and where are the existing risks?

Product: design and development
Process: operations and financial
People: human assets or liabilities



Why and how to tactically address them through…

Development of intrinsic value Proposition(s)
Competitive Pricing of a portfolio company and its product(s)
Preservation and Protection of ALL invested capital

90 DAY


With whom? Tactical Execution alongside…

Operating Advisors and Affiliates
Subject Matter Experts (branding, sales, marketing, legal & technologists)
Other Strategic Collaborators/Partners


Startup Port’s 6 P’s of Purpose

Minimum viable product development, wireframe models or functional prototypes that are end-user/customer focused and centric


Startup Port’s 6 P’s of Purpose

Precisely coordinated, interdisciplinary milestone timelines, improved and lean time to market solutions


Startup Port’s 6 P’s of Purpose

The right people for the right tasks. Execution centered Interim project manager, technologist and industry specialist/subject matter expert


Startup Port’s 6 P’s of Purpose

Targeted and focused branding with unified value proposition messaging for end-users, consumers, customers, partners and investors


Startup Port’s 6 P’s of Purpose

Concentrated on potential for conversion to an enterprise pricing model (B2B or B2B2C).  Determining the right value, focused for early traction and revenue generation


Startup Port’s 6 P’s of Purpose

Safeguarding intellectual property, secrecy, mitigating copy risk. And, creation of capital and tax efficient structures; contract terms that are beneficial to founders