Services provided during the “Sprint 90©” Program

Weekly services (based Sprint 90© engagement) provided by Startup Port


  • Legal review of organization and documentation;
  • Technical  Advisory services  review (Prototyping, Wireframe, Screen Shots, App review, Front End, Back End, Simplification, UX) [may not apply in all cases];
  • Brand Management (Brand, culture, image, PR, identity, messaging, positioning and building digital standards);
  • Organizational Design and construction;
  • Operating Model review;
  • Marketing Matrix creation;
  • Defined and actionable Sales Engineering process design;
  • Review Of Sales, promotions, marketing and Digital Media Collateral;
  • Capital Fund Raise process with the founders (Getting founder ready for the “proper investor pitch”, introducing to investors and resources of investments;
  • Business and Leadership Coaching;
  • Presentation Collateral review such as; decks, pitch and video

For a total of up to 22 hours per week of engagement and professional services (2 hours of each) as listed above.

Note: Not all startups will need each and every segment of the services outlined above. The required services are determined by the result of our business “Stress Test” and initial selection questionnaire.


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