“Sprint 90©” Program Modules:

Foundational  Skills & Business Issues All Founders & Entrepreneurs Need To Know and Address:


Weekly services (based Sprint 90© engagement) provided by Startup Port

  • Legal Review of organization and documentation, agreements, contracts -internal and external-;
  • Financial & Accounting Financial model and statement generation, costing, pricing, funding requirements;
  • Organizational & Administration How to take care of things internally -are all your ducks in order?;
  • Operating & Business Model Review, planning, creation and calibration;
  • Brand Management Brand, culture, image, identity, messaging, positioning, building digital standards and PR;
  • Intellectual Property Review and validation before application;
  • Product Management On minimum viable product services, Prototyping, Wire-frame, Screen Shots, App review, Front End, Back End, Simplification, UX, website readiness [may not apply in all cases];
  • Market-fit & Validation Matrix How to validate your idea, what and where is the fit? Who is your customer?;
  • Sales Road Map & Playbook How are you going to sell your idea? leads+target generation+scale;
  • Review Of Digital Media Collateral Sales, promotions, marketing, PR, social;
  • Business & Leadership Coaching Getting you ready to be a CEO and a business leader;
  • Presentation Collateral review such as; decks, pitch, exec summary and video;
  • Team creation and how to attach talent;
  • Capital Raise Getting founder ready for the fundraising war, introducing to resources of investments.

Note: Not all startups will need each and every segment of the services outlined above. The required services are determined and provided determined by the result of our business evaluation and stress test and initial selection questionnaire results.

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