Even as the economy shrank because of Covid-19, the small-business startup rate stayed steady.

Between May and June, more than 930,000 new businesses were started, a small increase from the second quarter of 2019’s 910,000 small-business launches.

And over the past three months, more new businesses were launched in the U.S. than in any quarter in history.

According to the US Census Dept. between June and September 2020, nearly 1.4 million startups were founded, a 49 percent increase over the second quarter–and a 67 percent increase over the previous third-quarter startup high set in 2018.

Over the past three months, lots of people became entrepreneurs.

With the crisis the norms have changed. Realizing they need to be responsible for their own financial destinies, these entrepreneurs are opting out of the traditional workforce to start their own companies.

The virtual work environment has also created new avenues for work-from-home-virtual work force. More and more virtual employees are launching their own businesses. Many new work-from-home employees have now gained few hours per day as their commutes have been eliminated. Some have been using this time to develop their own business and launch their own companies.

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