We partner with outstanding entrepreneurs and founders to help them build successful companies.

The majority of the time when founders are ready to take their business to the next level, when they are bootstrapping, and require more intellectual capital than family and friends funding can support, Startup Port provides Matter Expert Professionals to fill in the gaps, through an equity stake or appropriate forms of debt, to those startups whose teams and business models we find compelling and worth having “skin in the game”.

We screen and evaluate the most promising startups with our proprietary Sprint 90 Program Stress Test. Once they become part of the Startup Port Program startups have access to teams of advisers, partners, technologists, and other specialized and pre-selected elite group of professionals dedicated to help startups launch and grow.

With our proprietary Sprint 90 Program we apply unique strategies and solutions to develop ideas into real solutions with real results in the shortest amount of time.

Beyond just plain dollars, Startup Port brings “intellectual capital” in the form of matter experts who provide guidance, mentoring, operational advisory and coaching to entrepreneurs, by serving on their boards, providing much needed contacts/networking relationships, assisting with strategic growth planning, key hiring decisions, and preparing them for fundraising.

Startup Port’s goal is to help make the companies in which we invest our “intellectual capital” become highly profitable for both the founders and their investors.