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Over the past three months, lots of people became entrepreneurs. If you are one of them, let Startup Port help you succeed

Over the past three months, lots of people became entrepreneurs. If you are one of them, let Startup Port help you succeed

Even as the economy shrank because of Covid-19, the small-business startup rate stayed steady. Between May and June, more than 930,000 new businesses were started, a small increase from the second quarter of 2019’s 910,000 small-business launches. And over the past three months, more new businesses were launched in the U.S. than in any quarter in history. According to the US Census Dept. between June and September 2020, nearly 1.4 million startups were founded, a 49 percent increase over […]

There is no need to make this journey alone

We Empower Startups for Success  Today’s startups face a host of new challenges. The marketplace is more competitive than ever before, and roughly 80 percent of new startups fail. Success requires planning and vision. Beyond that, it requires hard work and knowing how to fix your subject matter gaps. We empower founders to better understand their businesses, and provide the resources necessary for business success. Our purpose is to help founders understand and mitigate the risks associated with launching their […]

Tired of wasting your time?

Tired of wasting your time with the “usual” networking events, random connections, blogs and mentorships that lead to nowhere? Most people spend valuable time looking at the wrong places, meeting the wrong people and asking the wrong questions! At Startup Port we solve your most challenging problems and get you the right advice, the right support and right connections to create solutions and opportunities while minimizing the risks you and your startup face. It’s all about finding collaboration partners, subject matter […]

Startup Synergy

CREATE • COLLABORATE • LAUNCH STARTUP SYNERGY!    – Synergy is what happens when one plus one equals ten or a hundred or even a thousand! It’s the profound result when two or more people determine to go beyond their preconceived ideas to meet a great challenge – When people come together who are living in their unique ability, they can go 100X bigger in their goals! We help you focus all your energy on product/market-fit with a solution that […]

Create Collaborate Launch

CREATE • COLLABORATE • LAUNCH We teach startup founders the key attributes and solutions winners follow. We’re here to teach startup founders the key attributes and solutions the winners want to follow We provide “Fast-Track” proprietary programs which construct roadmaps with fast turnaround, traction and implementation Why go it alone? Our experienced advisors, mentors, partners and collaborators help guide you along the path to success […]

Roadmap to Founder Success

  We help founders stop “Reinventing The Wheel” by leveraging all the critical, key-essential business knowledge accumulated by our advisor team over the years and by using to connect all this “Experiential Knowledge”with the best existing proven methodologies to help entrepreneurs build and execute a self-sufficient business from nothing to success in a short period of time.     How it all started Everything started with a simple question almost ten years ago: “If incubators and accelerators […]


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